Reclaimed Lumber and Beams

Authentic Reclaimed Lumber ranges in dimensions from 3/4 inch thickness to 4 inch thickness by 4 inch width to 14 inch width and wider. Our Reclaimed Lumber has experienced decades of use, and is salvaged from old buildings that are no longer able to be used in their present condition.

Using reclaimed lumber provides rich character, history, and warmth that cannot be matched by new lumber. This is perfect for many building projects and compatible with many design styles.

Here's a selection of our high quality Reclaimed Lumber options.

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Reclaimed Douglas Fir lumber was used for framing and structural members in buildings structures across Los Angeles and Southern California.

Salvaged primarily from corral ranches across Montana. Our corral lumber is a mix of Pine and Fir, this lumber has a beautiful blend of grey/silver patinas and available in long lengths.

Our Vintage Hand Hewn beams were squared by hand over 100 years ago. Hand Hewn beams are some of the oldest beams you can find.

Reclaimed Oak lumber was used for framing and structural members in barns and other vintage structures across the Mid-West and East coast.

Our vintage rough sawn beams have a refined rustic appeal. These beams are desired for the antique rough sawn teeth marks left behind from the saw blade when the wood was first milled.