Each of the siding options below are milled from authentic vintage Reclaimed Wood. Our siding products offer beautiful accents that can be used as interior or exterior design elements on residential or commercial projects.

We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of each piece of wood our customers receive from our shop. If you'd like to start your own custom project, please contact us today and we'll help you get started.

Does your project need a fast turnaround? Look at our Bouldercrest Barnwood, Pacific Coast, and Montana Ranch siding options. They are all available on our Ready To Ship page for instant purchase.

“Bouldercrest” BARN SIDING

A true combination of aged patina, this is a standout in any setting. Planks feature a variety of warm brown hues that are cooled down by sprinkled in grey planks. Great for a making a statement in any space.



Salvaged primarily from interior boards from American Barns. This siding features a variety of rich, warm, brown hues with some lighter tones mixed in. These boards have withstood the natural elements for decades and have the character to show it

"Pacific coast" reclaimed redwood sIDING

This siding has a variety of smooth and rustic weathering offering a tight balance between rustic and modern aesthetic. Which has made this one of our most popular options. Planks have a naturally aged surface patina from ocher brown to charcoal gray.

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"Montana Ranch" Corral Board Siding

With amazing long lengths of 15'+ available, this siding is highly desired when looking for long lengths and a consistent grey color. Planks have a beautiful grey/silver patina with natural wood tones on some planks. Corral Boards have been weathered through cycles of freeze, thaw, and sun.

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"Charleston" Grey Barn Wood Siding

Using the exterior siding of old American barns each plank has a stunning mix of grey patinas with some black and natural wood toned mixed in. The patina is created due to the extreme weathering the wood has endured during it's time protecting the barn.

If you're looking to recapture the exterior from an ancient barn dating back to the 1800's this is the siding for you!