"Buckingham" Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding

"buckingham" Reclaimed barn wood Siding

Our “Buckingham” barn siding FEATURES a variety of rich, warm, brown hues WITH SOME SAND TONES MIXED IN. these planks have withstood the natural elements for decades. great material to create a stunning accent for any space.


dimensions & specs:
APPLICATION: interior or exterior
Thickness: Solid 3/8", ½”, or ⅝”
Widths: Mixed 3”- 5” OR 5” - 7” / all 5” or all 7”
Length: Random Lengths 2’ - 10’
Milling: Straight Edged, TnG, or Shiplap edge profiles available.
Recommended Overage: 10% additional for on-site trimming and waste.


Additional Information:
Species: Mixed woods Oak, Beech, Maple, Poplar, etc. Source: Barns, Vintage Structures Color: light to dark brown tones, coffee, and tan colors. Character: Fastener/nail holes and open knots can be present up to 2” in diameter. Texture: shows a varied pattern of saw marks, wear patterns, colors and textures and surface checks.